Boston DSA has a variety of working groups for you to be involved in, whatever your interests. Below are the names, descriptions, and contact e-mail of our current working groups.

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Socialist Feminism

The Socialist Feminism Working Group aims to ground all of our work in Boston DSA and in our communities in socialist and feminist theory and practice. We lead internal education around socialist feminism at working group meetings and at general meetings and organize around a wide variety of issues that affect all socialists, regardless of gender.


The Immigration Working Group works in solidarity with (im)migrant-led groups in Boston to help build a broad cultural and legislative campaign in the name of dignity, respect, and political protection for the (im)migrant working class.


Labor solidarity is at the core of democratic socialist politics. Without a strong and organized working class movement we can’t hope to build the power necessary to challenge capitalism. To that end, the labor sub-working group works to identify ways DSA can work to support our comrades involved in local labor struggles, to talk with DSAers in unions about what it means to be a democratic socialist in the labor movement, and to work with new DSAers to help form unions in their workplaces.


The Electoral Working Group seeks to influence electoral politics in the greater Boston area through endorsing candidates, volunteering for campaigns, and training on skills and issues.


The Healthcare Working Group is oriented around the goal of achieving a decommodified healthcare system. The group is launching a Medical Debt Relief campaign in the second half of 2018 and plans to support national organizing efforts around Medicare for All.


The Boston DSA Ecosocialism Working Group aims to promote a socialist analysis amongst environmentalists and an ecological analysis among socialists. It does this by organizing winning campaigns that: 1) build solidarity among community members and key allies; 2) recognize and challenge the capitalist origins of our modern environmental crisis.

Prison Abolition

The Prison Abolition Working Group has the long-term goal of eliminating imprisonment and policing, and creating lasting alternatives to punishment and imprisonment. We will collaborate with a coalition of community and abolition groups to work towards this future.

Political Education

The goal of the Political Education Working Group is to provide our members with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to undertake effective organizing work and to educate the general public on DSA’s vision of a socialist future, our approach to achieving, and our perspectives on relevant issues.

Mental Health

The Mental Health Working Group has two purposes: to investigate and discuss the effects of capitalism on mental health directly and more broadly on the discourse surrounding mental health; and to assess how to productively engage as comrades with mental health issues and with comrades with mental health issues and how to ensure our internal environments do not foster mental health issues.


Boston DSA’s Housing Working Group is concerned with organizing around one of our most fundamental rights — the right to a stable and affordable home. In Boston this right has come increasingly under attack as rent prices skyrocket, rising by 25% in the last five years. The Housing Group works closely with City Life Vida Urbana, a local tenants rights organization, as well as other community groups, to fight rent increases and evictions in the neighborhoods where these trends are most acutely felt.


The Internationalism Working Group aims to build global solidarity for global liberation. We oppose globalized capitalism, imperialism, militarism, settler colonialism, and all forms of oppression wherever they occur. Capitalism is global — to defeat it, we must be too.


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