Boston DSA 2020 Priorities

Boston DSA 2020 Priorities

In January 2020, the Boston chapter of the DSA democratically selected two external campaigns and two internal organizing priorities for 2020. We designed and discussed these priorities in a three-month-long process starting in November 2019. We have outlined the details of our process here, in the interest of transparency and for the free use of comrades in other chapters who are curious about running a priorities selection process.

External Priorities

Build Tenant Power

We always talk about meeting people where they are at, and where people usually are at is at home. Building tenant unions involves working with tenants and community partners to realize the power they have and help to fight to improve their conditions. Rent Control limits landlords’ ability to displace people by raising rents and no cause evictions. This work challenges structures of racism and is a fight directly along class lines. We can organize the unorganized, and build deeper connections with community partners all at the same time.

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DSA for Bernie and Rent Control

We have a very short time window to have political discussions with thousands of people who are considering whether or not to vote for Bernie. It will take work to turn people from passive  supporters of Bernie’s platform into socialists. The only way this process will occur is if DSA members actively engage with working-class Bernie supporters. We cannot let this moment slip away. We should prioritize the Bernie campaign because it offers us an unparalleled opportunity to re-engage hundreds of our members, support the candidacy of DSA’s endorsed presidential candidate, and build the socialist movement in Massachusetts.

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Internal Priorities

Anti-Harassment and Inclusion

Harassment and sexual violence are sadly common everywhere. Making a particular effort to train our membership in handling these issues when they come up and not replicating harmful behavior in organizing spaces is a key way that socialists can concretely support each other and the people we organize with; avoid compounding harm; make DSA a safer and more welcoming organizing home; and put into practice socialist principles of solidarity, community support, socialist feminism, and prison abolition.

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Boosting Member Participation and Capacity

BDSA has over 1500 members but only a fraction of that number are active. Until we turn a much larger percentage of them into conscious organizers and leaders we will be much weaker and less effective that we need to be. This proposal will ensure that we take the process of member political development seriously. It will plug people into organizing in their own neighborhoods, tailor skills training and political education to new members’ needs, allow a new layer of leadership to step up in the chapter and implement the kind of data systems we need to keep track of all that activity.

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