Boston DSA 2019 Priorities

Boston DSA 2019 Priorities

In December 2018, the Boston chapter of the DSA democratically selected two external campaigns and two internal organizing priorities for 2019. We designed and discussed these priorities in a three-month-long process from September to December 2018. We have outlined the details of our process here, in the interest of transparency and for the free use of comrades in other chapters who are curious about running a priorities selection process.

External Priorities


Even as we face impending environmental doom, the fossil fuel industry and the government are doing little to prevent it. It is up to us to fight back for our survival and our rights. Boston, a coastal city, is already feeling the effects of climate change. The city is still actively facilitating fossil fuel infrastructure, while utility companies’ practices deliberately risk lives, especially in marginalized communities. To dismantle this fossil fuel hegemony, we, the people, need to take back control of the grid.

The goals and next steps for this priority fall under the four D’s: decarbonize, decommodify, democratize, and decolonize. We want to supplant the current fossil-fueled capitalist energy system with one that is carbon-free, organized for the public good (not profit), and under complete public control, and which repairs the harm caused to marginalized communities and the ecologies upon which we all depend.

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Medicare For All

We consider Medicare for All, and ultimately a national health system, to be a revolutionary reform that directly attacks capitalism. Such a change to our healthcare system would help millions of working-class people, demolish major private industries, and provide an example of how socialism can benefit everyone. Achieving this policy, long a goal of the American left, would be a significant step forward in building a socialist society.

Our goal is to help build a mass grassroots movement in the Boston metro area and beyond to work for the decommodification of healthcare, beginning with Medicare for All. This movement will fight for an expanded Medicare that is free at the point of service and covered entirely by employee and employer taxes. We will achieve this by both leading actions and collaborating with other local, state, and national groups working toward this and related goals.

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Internal Priorities

Child Watch and Intergenerational Organizing

As socialists, we understand the importance of imagining and building a world rooted in community. Due to our society’s glorification of the nuclear family, we lack cross-generational communities, which prevents us from sharing knowledge and mutual aid beyond the narrow generation of friends we make in capitalist institutions. Due to the atomization of child-rearing under capitalism, parents and caregivers are prevented from participating in many kinds of social and activist organizations.

In 2019, we commit to more thoughtfully and intentionally engaging in intergenerational organizing by explicitly involving younger organizers, families with children, and older activists in DSA projects, events, and discourse. We will expand and improved child watch and diversify our social events for a wider range of ages, with the aim of building a community strong enough to shepherd in socialism.

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Membership Organizing System

Boston DSA grew from one hundred to over one thousand members in 2016, and our numbers continue to climb. We must take advantage of this membership boom and make our new reach permanent by showing all of our members how they can join the fight against capitalism and oppression.

Our ability to act is determined both by how many people are connected and able to pick up a volunteer task and by how many people are prepared to bottom-line major undertakings. We need to simultaneously share information among our engaged members and support those who are interested in taking on more leadership in their growth as socialist organizers. In 2019, we will enact a system of member orientations, organizer workshops, and mentoring to develop our capacity on both levels.

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