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Boston DSA is a local chapter of Democratic Socialists of America. We are an activist organization — not a political party — that works against oppression in its many forms. We see these multiple oppressions — economic inequality, patriarchy, white supremacy, and others — as interlinked, intersecting and inseparable. DSA’s members are building mass movements for social change while establishing an openly socialist presence in communities and politics in the Greater Boston Area.

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December 4, 2021
  • Coming Together: Building Progressive Political Power

    December 4, 2021  9:00 am - December 5, 2021  12:00 pm

    Boston, MA

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    Keynote Address: Rep Ayanna Pressley
    Closing Address: State Rep. Nika Elugardo
    Greeting by: Sen. Elizabeth Warren

    Joseph Geevarghese - Our Revolution,
    Executive Director

    Natalia Salgado - Working Families Party, Federal Affairs Director

    Alan Minsky - Progressive Democrats of America, Executive Director

    Kristian Hernandez - Democratic Socialists of America, National Political Committee

    Martha Karchere - Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA)

    Rachel Poliner - Progressive Massachusetts

    Jordan Berg Powers -
    Mass Alliance, Executive Director

    Anna Callahan - Incorruptible Mass

    Mahtowin Munro - United American Indians of New England (UAINE)

    Elvis Mendez - Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts, Executive Director

    Vaughn Goodwin -1199SEIU and Mass. Poor People's Campaign

    Logan Malik - Mass. Climate Action Network

    Massachusetts progressives are well aware of the crises we face. Climate catastrophes and COVID-19 ravage communities across the country, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and the poor always suffering most. The risk of nuclear war is as close as we have ever been. In Massachusetts, the growing incidence of the diseases of despair; addiction, ODs, and suicide reflect the worsening misery of much of our population while Trumpism threatens our political will to make change happen.

    Come to our online Fall 2021 conference, Coming Together: Building Progressive Political Power, on Dec 4-5, where we will explore how we can move our programs forward with maximum impact, strategizing how to engage, unite and build the power needed to reverse the destructive policies of our current governmental structures. We acknowledge the urgency to center those whose lived experiences of resistance to oppression and injustice form the scaffold for our agenda.

    The 2016 and 2020 national elections, the Black Lives Matter movement, and Indigenous resistance to the Line 3 pipeline have changed power relationships and shifted cultural narratives in the United States. The Sanders presidential campaigns and the elections of AOC, Ayanna Pressley, and other members of The Squad point out the possibilities and the potential for progressive politics in the United States, but we are far from where we need to be. We will examine how we strengthen Progressive influence in our national, state and local governments.

    To build power, we must forge coalitions of movements and groups, made up of different racial, ethnic, class, and gender constituencies. We must dismantle white supremacy and understand what it means to be an ally. We will begin the process of building a political agenda that is inclusive of human rights, including frequently under-represented BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities, as we confront the threats of economic exploitation, climate change and nuclear war.

    Lastly, we will address: how we maintain morale when political incrementalism impacts our power to address broad international issues and crises faced by the grassroots; and how we can conserve stamina, have fun and feel joy in our efforts. We should dance as we work toward a more just and sustainable world.

    Sponsored by Massachusetts Peace Action, Our Revolution Massachusetts, Progressive Democrats of America, Progressive Massachusetts, North American Indian Center of Boston, Incorruptible Mass, Boston Democratic Socialists of America, Cape Cod Democratic Socialists of America, Massachusetts Call 2 Action, Liberation Road- Massachusetts, Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment, Cape Cod Democratis Socialists of America, and Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenants.

    Registration fee: Pay what you can afford, $0- $100 – unlimited, sliding scale. Average to cover our costs: $20. Read the sliding scale guidance page. Register to attend.


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